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Angel Singmin - Yoga at Playground Weekender 2011

Angel teaching at the Playground Weekender Festival  2011

Image: Tull Kidron Photography

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Since leaving the world of advertising to become a full time yoga teacher in 2007, Angel Singmin has taught yoga programs to numerous companies across Sydney.

Drawing on her understanding of the corporate world she successfully adapted the traditional yoga class to the office environment and saw inspiring results at a number of companies.

In 2010, to manage the increased demand for classes, she hand-picked a team of yoga teachers and created the Dandelion Yoga brand. Today, the Dandelion Yoga team consists of five teachers leading weekly yoga classes at clients across Sydney.

Outside of corporate yoga, Angel is also the co-founder of a number of other projects including The Future Sound of Yoga (a yoga + music experience), The Phoenix Weekend (a yoga + music festival) and the Modern Yoga Collective (a yoga project in Bondi).

She has toured extensively within Australia and been featured on the lineup of a number of international festivals including the Hawaii Spirit Festival, the Bali Spirit Festival and the Hong Kong Asia Yoga Conference.

For more info on Angel’s other projects:

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